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The troops standing behind me, wearing a lovely Neriad shawl illusion.

Vaklash contemplates his own mortality while surrounded by Innoruk's Blessing

How fun is taking group photos when 3 ogres stand in front and the small races stand behind them? Challenge accepted.

Standing next to my Acountabili-buddy Velyanae. Everyone needs a Acountabili-buddy on advanced raids.

Kelle dying for our mistakes. En Nomini Druidi Y Porticus Sancti.

We all know what I was trying to do here, but he put his pants on too soon.

The guild patiently waiting to slaughter Maestro.

My charmed dog giving Borguk a rectal exam, also more of us waiting.

The High Priest busting a move while the guild plays a Game of Rezzes and Linkdeaths. You either win, or lag out until your toon pops.

Later in the evening we heard this terrible racket, and found some amateur smashing the ivorys. He had to die.

The lineup, also my Acountabili-buddy, Velyanae, clearly in violation of the arms reach rule.

Ryback risking us getting thrown out by attacking the band, but in his defense they were shit.

It may look like I am trying to ninja loot, but really I am just guarding the drops. Potato Potahto.

I didn't know they put Kelle's hand in the game!

Me taking half asses screenshots because I was tired.

Me about to tickle out some Elton John on the ivory beast.

Percept wasn't having any of my shit, he knew what I was up to.

Always do a final check in with your Acountabili-buddy before leaving!

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#13284386 Jun 05, 2017 at 03:33 PM
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You always come through Gnomald!! These are fantastic!!
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#13284591 Jun 05, 2017 at 05:31 PM
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Yes I have a full time job during raids. I have to hold Gnomaldtrump's hand if not all things go to hell. He has a habit of falling through carpets or following monks on pulls or falling off 3rd level ramps and creating trains from the dark depths of hell. My job looks like it was a success so I let him play with the toy organ.
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#13284850 Jun 05, 2017 at 09:02 PM
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I get to play on whatever I want if I am a good boy!
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