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Raid/Loot Rules
Quick Raid Rule Overview
Read the Raid Manual in the Guild Forums for a complete list of rules
Discord is REQUIRED to participate in Raids
Be at the Raid meeting point on time
Make sure you have any items required to enter a zone on you BEFORE the Raid (i.e. Seb Key, HS Key, WL Tooth, CS Tooth, etc.)
Ports for Raids will go out from WC and Hammer Hill from 30 minutes before the start time to 15 minutes before the start time
When you get to the Raid meeting point, put "LFG" on
All Healers (Clerics, Druids, Shamans) must make two Target Hotkeys to quickly target the MT and RT
All DPS must make two Assist Hotkeys to quickly assist the MT or RT
Clerics must make a Hotkey that casts Complete Heal and notifies everyone in Guild Chat that you have begun casting CH
When the Raid Force is moving to a camp, move as one unit
The Puller(s) will lead the Raid Force when moving camps
The Main Tank and Off Tank (or Rampage Tank) will follow IMMEDIATELY behind the Puller(s)
The rest of the Raid Force will follow IMMEDIATELY behind the MT, OF/RT
Raid Loot Rules
Need before Greed on ALL rolls
MAINs will be allowed to roll on loot first. If no MAIN NEEDS the loot, ALTs who NEED the loot may roll. If no ALT NEEDS the loot, EVERYONE may GREED roll.
People who are REQUESTED to bring an ALT to a raid may roll on loot for either the ALT they bring to the Raid (as if it is their MAIN) -- OR -- their MAIN.
Any item worth approximately 5k or more that is NOT needed by any main will go to the Guild Bank
There will be no Greed on Spells, Quest items, Gems, or Vendor Trash Jewelry
ALL gems/jewelry drops will be allocated to the Guild Bank
ALL High-end, MQable Epic items obtained from Raids will be allocated to the Guild Bank and be made available to any helpful player with good raid attendance who has completed ALL other parts of their Epic.
Non-MQable Epic Items will be allocated to the person furthest along in their Epic Quest. If two people have completed equal amounts of their Epics, the Epic Loot will be /randomed
Guild Bank Rules
The Guild Bank holds three different types of items: Raid Items, Spells, and Quest Items
Raid items are bought for Raids using Guild Bank Funds. These include: peridots(10 pp), coffins (200 pp) EEs (200 pp), Soulstones/Cloudy Stones (260 pp)
Spells and Quest Items are available to any character in good standing as long as they need the spell/quest item
Quest Items will be allocated to a member when the member has shown that they have already finished ALL prerequisite parts of the quest (i.e. White Dragon Scales will not be given to a Bard until the rest of his/her Epic Quest is complete)
The Guild Bank MUST be updated IMMEDIATELY whenever an item(s) are removed from the bank
The Guild Bank MUST be updated within 24 hours with all items obtained from a Raid