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Welcome to The Circle!

If you're reached this page, you have probably heard a little bit about our guild. The Circle is a Casual Raid Guild that is focused on working together to obtain Epics, Velious Class Armor, and we hope to soon be tackling ToV HoT. We are currently recruiting all level 40+ players who are interested in raiding 1-3 nights per week. We usually raid Kael on Wednesdays and all 45+ members are encouraged to join. Sundays are our level 50+ Raid Nights, and we tend to rotate targets such as Plane of Hate, Western Wastes Dragons, and Chardok Royals. We also go up to Plane of Sky every other Friday with Kittens.

Positivity and respect are the two most important attributes that we look for in new recruits. We encourage people, rather than chastise them. We praise people when they do well, and forgive them for their mistakes. This is a game; it is meant to be fun and we want to keep it that way!

We are a tight-knit group of people and to help maintain our closeness and build relationships with new members, we have recently started to encourage Guild Groups during non-Raid nights. Level 40-50 characters are highly encouraged to group together in City of Mist and members who are 50+ are encouraged to group together in Sebilis. We host Sebilis Key Runs when several of our 40+ members express interest in obtaining Seb Keys, and we can usually knock out 5 keys per hour. Several of our 50+ members also have Howling Stones Keys, so we strongly encourage grouping in HS as well.

For more information, please contact Kelle, Zotspox, Vaklesh, Borguk, or Reynas in game.

If you've gotten this far and are still interested in joining The Circle, please fill out an application and an officer will be in contact with you ASAP!